USP Ad: L’Oreal “Go 360 Clean”

This ad has a unique selling proposition because it comes with an accessory that no other face wash includes. The bottle of face wash was designed specifically for the purpose of having a little scrubber to fit into it. I personally think this is a great selling strategy because it makes washing your face seem like more fun then it actually is. We all wash our face once to twice a day and now that there is a little rubber scrub that not only is part of your face wash bottle, but it’s also something that feels really cool on your skin. Who knows if it actually gets more dirt or oil out of your skin? It’s something that is fun and they practically make it impossible to lose because you just pop it back into its space in the bottle of face wash. It’s so convenient. Also the tagline they use is very creative, “go 360 clean.” This is a great way to advertise a facial cleanser because with the small rubber tool it is promising that you wont miss any part of your face like you would just using your hands. L’Oreal used a simple idea of giving the consumer something to make an everyday activity more fun. The small rubber scrubber is unique selling proposition. As far as I know they have had great success with this product. I tried it and even though it’s not my favorite face wash I was intrigued by the accessory and used it for a while. 

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